Although relatively new, but the number of enthusiasts who register for the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) Musamus State University (Unmus) Merauke, is quite high. Rector Philip Unmus Betaubun, ST, MT encountered Cenderawasih Post, revealed that register SNMPTN Unmus total of 1039 people. Only, Philip continued, the number of register is almost half that do not follow the test. ''The test for only about 680 people or 35 classes comprising IPA 13 classes, 12 classes of IPC and IPS 10 classes,''said Philip Betaubun, Wednesday (1 / 6). The amount is not included for enthusiasts who register from outside the Merauke, but it will not be known when the rector forum meeting in Indonesia.

Although the test for only half of the register, but according to Philip Betaubun this amount is quite a lot and do not lose with PTN that has long operated as the University of Manokwari, Ternate, Trunojoyo and Ampel. ''Musamus still get past some of the college and this is a satisfactory result. Mr. Minister is very happy because Musamus newcomers but registrants quite a lot,''he said. Regarding interest in registries, Philip claimed more interested in the field of study that is a computer, system management and civil engineering because the registrants above 200 percent of which will be accepted. ''For the three fields of study will be many who are not accepted, but we will certainly consider after meeting the president of the forum,''he said. Described, in this acceptance, it provides special treatment for native Papuans, where each field of study is given a quota of 15 people outside and pass the following testing. However, for a special quota will be accompanied by family card which proves that the person concerned actually native Papuans. ''We are also in receipt of this will limit the amount that we receive because we adjust the power and means prasana faculty we have now. We do not want to receive a lot but no college student can not,''he explained. Mentioned about the scholarship, scholarship programs Phlipus admitted there from the minister for whose parents are less capable but accomplished via two channels or paths which track a written invitation. But from the second line is only 15 lines written invitation whereas the path does not exist. ''Hopefully this one comes in, because it is completely free of cost will even be given an allowance of Rp 600 thousand per month. But the requirements, parental income is not more than Rp 1.5 million per month and proven academic value in the school is pretty good. (Source: cenderawasihpos)


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