Skills exam ONLY for a particular study program which requires a Skills Test.

If there is one Prodi Prodi course of your choice which requires the skills test, then you will not be able to print the participant sign the card before you make a payment of the skills test required by the study program of your choice.

Exam Skills for payment are NOT NEED TO BUY A NEW PIN, because it is done in the process of payment is by inputting Skills Exam PIN SNMPTN Written Exam have been paid previously, then the Bank will give a mark in that bill payment system komputerisasinya Exam Skills you've paid. You will not get a new PIN, only proof of payment.

Please wait a moment, not too long, because the status of your payment Skills Test in Bank Mandiri computerized systems still need time to be read by a computerized system of registration points SNMPTN 2011 Written Exam.

After the payment status of your Skills Test can be read by a computerized system of registration SNMPTN, then you can continue to return the registration form / accreditation form until the final stage, namely proof of registration to download files which you should print.


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