UNIVERSITY Bengkulu (Unib) as the Local Selection Committee of the National College Entrance (SNMPTN) continue to disseminate to the high school principal / MA / SMK sederjat in the province of Bengkulu on the new pattern selection Invitation Line. This is important, given the Gaza SNMPTN Invitation require proactive principals of schools and students enroll online to follow the path selection.

Thursday (17 / 2), housed in the main conference room Unib Rectorate building, the Local Organizing Committee in cooperation with Bank Mandiri SNMPTN held a socialization. In addition to providing an explanation of SNMPTN, the committee also demonstrate the Gaza SNMPTN registration invitation to hundreds of high school principals / MA / SMK equal.

On that occasion, after opening ceremony, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Unib, Ir. Fahrurrozi, M. Sc, PhD said, according to the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of Republic of. 34 In 2010, the University of Bengkulu as flagship universities in the province of Bengkulu in 2011 was also conducted SNMPTN Invitation Line.

On Track Invite SNMPTN Fahrurrozi words, all high school principals should proactively register a profile equal schools and their students through the pages SNMPTN http://undangan.snmptn.ac.id so they can get a user name and password as well as the number of students who can be nominated.

"If principals are not proactive, rather than the university that loss but the school itself and sorry for the students who participate in but can not feel this program," he said.

He explained that under the provisions of the scheduling committee SNMPTN central registration point SNMPTN Invitations began on February 1, 2011 and the deadline is March 12, 2011. Then the announcement of selection results on May 18, 2011 and May 31 the registration and / or June 1, 2011.

Path Invite SNMPTN national selection mechanism is based on academic achievement crawl without the written exam / skills. Path tracing the path the invitation does not include interest and aptitude.

Fahrurrozi words, on the Gaza SNMPTN Invitation, the principal register for the best students are selected to be candidates for new students at public universities of interest.

School requirements for SNMPTN Line Invitation accreditation of schools that have A, B or C of the BAN-MS and / or registered on the database SNMPTN in 2010. While the requirements of the student applicants are students SMA / SMK / MA / MAK who was sitting in class 12 and will follow the UN in 2011. Then the student must obtain recommendations from the school principal and have the best academic achievement.

How do registration? Invitation Line registration can be done online through the website: http://undangan.snmptn.ac.id. The school principal fill student academic achievement data by using the user name and password online through the websiste.

The next step, the principal gave Registration Number and Password obtained from the system to the student applicants are recommended. For students who have been registered by the Principal must pay the registration Rp.175.000 to Bank Mandiri to show Registration Number.

"But for student applicants who meet the program requirements viewfinder MISSION 2011 does not have to pay a registration fee, so the student can directly log in to register online," he explained.

Furthermore, student applicants using the Registration Number and Password must complete biographical data, the choice of state universities and courses, upload (upload) photos and print the latest official Registration Card Proof http://undangan.snmptn.ac.id through the website.

Ir. Fahrurrozi also added, for the Gaza Invite each student applicant can select maximum 2 PTN is held, and select a maximum of three courses of study in each of the state university of interest. The order of options is a priority program of study options and list of courses and the Gaza power tamping SNMPTN Invitation of 2011 can be viewed on the website, he said.

In addition to explaining about UNMPTN, to the principal Ir. Fahrurrozi also gives you a glimpse of Unib. Currently he said, the number of students enrolled in as many as 11,903 people Unib. To create a quality graduates, Unib prepared a number of lecturers that are reliable and have high integrity. Number of lecturers Unib of 737 people and has 26 professors whose numbers will continue to grow.

Based on teacher education qualifications, 86% master's and doctoral degrees who are graduates of leading universities in Indonesia as well as from America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The percentage is well above the national average.

In 2011, the 29-year-old Unib. PTN community pride Bengkulu has 7 (seven) faculty and a program of study that will be the faculty. Of which there are 55 faculty study program with the Graduate Studies Program details 34 (S1), 10 and 11 D3 Studies Program Graduate Studies Masters Program.

Judging from the performance of research, nationally Unib be in a position quite encouraging, namely to 29 of more than 3000 colleges in the country. Then, since 2007, Unib became one of 50 state universities are promising in Indonesia and has recently also been named as one of the greenest campuses in Indonesia. The result of the level of greenness colleges worldwide conducted by The UI Green Metric World University puts Unib in order to-29. It's a sequence that boasts world-class. When judging nationally, Unib located at number 4 after UI, ITS and ITB.

To support academic and student activities, Unib equipped with supporting facilities, such as the Joint Lecture Building, Computer Center, Free Internet Access, the Library is equipped with e-journal, e-books, e-library and PC-library. In addition, Unib also has a Language Laboratory, Vedio Conference, Micro Teaching, Multipurpose Building, Stadium, Sports Facilities, Radio Campus, Campus Bus, ATM Together, Worship Facilities, Park Campus, Student Dormitory, the Open Theatre and others.

For outstanding students and come from underprivileged families, Unib provide and distribute scholarships, such as scholarships Improving Academic Achievement (PPA), PPA SNMPTN Track & UM Unib, Student Learning Assistance (BBM), Extracurricular Achievement Improvement (PPE), tuition assistance, scholarships Supersemar, Toyota and Astra Scholarship, Scholarship Bank of Bengkulu, Bank Indonesia, BTN, BRI, Bank Mandiri, PT. Djarum, Kosgoro Scholarship, Scholarship Shoot Mission and others. Until 2010, the number of scholarship recipients in the top 25% of regular students S1.

University of Bengkulu as the National Selection Committee for Local Universities (SNMPTN) in 2011 invited to the school principal / MA / SMK and are equal in Bengkulu province to follow the pattern of socialization of new admissions SNMPTN Invitation Line on:

Day: Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time: 9:00 to 12:00 pm

Place: Main Meeting Room of Bengkulu University Rectorate Building Jl. W.R. Supratman Cage Lemonade, Bengkulu.

Event: An explanation of SNMPTN in 2011 Track Invitations and Invitation Line Demo SNMPTN registration online.

The event was important for the school because SNMPTN Line Invitation requires school principals to proactively register their students online to follow the path selection Invitation.

Unib send invitations to the socialization of school, when the invitation is not accepted then it becomes an official invitation.

Bengkulu, February 10, 2011
Vice Rector I University of Bengkulu
As Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee SNMPTN 2011

Ir. Fahrurrozi, M.Sc., Ph.D.


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