The registrant SNMPTN to Unila as much 32.921orang, these colleges receive as many as 1953 new students. The number was adjusted to 40 percent of the overall quota of students accepted in Unila in 2011.

Unila had anticipated vacancies chair Unila program providing students with Care Education Admissions Expanding Access to Education (PMPAP) as much as 10 percent, Local Entrance Examination (UML) 20 percent, and Invitations Go PTN plus Shutter Mission (20 percent), and Penjaringan Student Excellence area (PPUD) as much as 10 percent.

PMPAP is a program of local state universities. With PMPAP, students will be exempted from registration and tuition fees (SPP) to completion of education, while the Shutter Mission, which is a national program, in addition to exempt registration fee and tuition, student allowances also mendapatakan daily living expenses. While the cost of living for mahasisa PMPAP be resolved from other scholarships.

"We want to socialize the PMPAP this to the public. This is so that there are no more excuses, no one entered through PMAPAP due to lack of sign up. PMPAP is being rolled Unila opportunity. Do not be wasted," said Habibullah, a former chairman of the SMPT Unila this.

Habibullah added, re-registration for students who qualify SNMPTN opened on July 1 to 11 of 2011. Time, along with Snap-winning student verification mission.

Associated cost of entry Unila UML assessed through expensive by most students and parents, the Vice Rector I Unila Hasriadi Matt Akin stated it does not represent the views of all walks of life.

When asked a minimum donation of complaints which reached USD 12.5 million, Hasriadi said, entrance fees at other public universities there are actually more expensive.

"It's relatively expensive. At the ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology), even an entrance fee to Rp 55 million. Far more expensive than the entry Unila," said Hasriadi, Saturday (16 / 7).

As a government-owned state university, Hasriadi revealed, it is only following the rules set by the government, in this case the Ministry of National Education (Events Calendar).

When asked for opinions related to the discourse of local elimination of entrance examinations or independent pathway, Hasriadi said it will fully support and accept any decision taken by the government.

"If the minister of education to remove the line, we must be ready. The campus is not a government, so we went along what became government policy," said Hasriadi.

In the new admissions, Unila opening five lines receipt. All five are national selection into public universities (SNMPTN) with a quota of 40 percent, SNMPTN 20persen invitations, local entrance examination (UML) 20 percent, tracking regional seeds (PBUD) 10 percent, and admissions lane expansion of access to education (PMPAP) 10 percent.

To track invitations, recruitment is done by spreading the invitation to schools in Lampung through the report card and achievement. While the path PBUD a netting system students who excel and have the advantages that have been recorded in the city / county that already has an agreement (MoU) with Unila.

For students who seeked PBUD, must have a recommendation from the county / city where he lived. While the alternative pathway that can be taken to be a student Unila is to follow an independent pathway known as the UML (local entrance examinations).

This UML pathway in the implementation does not use government subsidies, but subsidies from Unila independently. "So, the students who have not had the opportunity received through the invitations, and track SNMPTN PBUD, UML can go through this pathway," explains Hasriadi.


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