A total of 309 seats and in 23 Jambi University Studies Program eventually filled by the students choice in Indonesia.
They accepted the invitation Unja SNMPTN point. Students who are enrolled in college pride of Jambi is not only derived from the province of Jambi, but come from the province of Bengkulu and others.
Unja Selection Committee Chairman, Dr Hj Muasza Msi say, for those who received could see the terms of registration on campus Unja in Mendalo, Jambi, today, Wednesday (18 / 5). There recorded the registration requirements, schedule and so forth.

Universitas Jambi (Unja) is not only interested students final grade and high school graduates are equal from the province of Jambi. This is evident from the large number of registrants outside the area through the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) through the invitation.

Applicant did not just come from Jambi province, not a few who come from other areas, such as Lampung, South Sumatra, West Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, West Kalimantan. "There are students from Papua who sign up," said Secretary of PMB UMB and SNMPTN Unja, when met Ilham Tribune, yesterday.

This pathway provides a quota of 20 percent of the overall capacity of the university. The total capacity of about 2,500 people Unja, so the invitation of the path that will pass the selection of about 500 people. From these data registries track until Monday (3/14/2011), a total of 2217 people. "That which is certain to register," said Ilham.

Total number of students who recommended the school as much as 3697 Jambi Province, but not all students pay a registration fee. Recently as many as 2217 that have been officially enrolled Unja from all over Indonesia.

Of that amount, a total of 1457 of which came from Jambi, and as many as 707 received via the Shutter Mission. While as many as 1480 others who were recommended each school in the province of Jambi. They awaited the certainty of enroll until Tuesday (3/15/2011) this.

Overall, from a total of 567 schools in the province of Jambi, who signed up through the invitation as much as 26.1 percent or 140 schools. Kerinci Regency holds the highest percentage of schools, namely the 25 schools that recommend students applying to Unja. But in terms of number of students who most of the City of Jambi, a total of 1411 students.

After selection by the national universities respectively, who the person entitled to lecture at Unja will be known on May 18, 2011. While for the registration exam SNMPTN path, according to Committee Chairman PMB UMB and SNMPTN Unja, Muazza unopened. Register a new test track begins May 2nd and closes on May 24, 2011.

Implementation of the written examination conducted May 31 and June 1, exam skills at 3 and June 4, 2011. PMB Unja secretary, said Ilham, in Unja, skills exam conducted for Prodi Sports. Announcement of results of examinations conducted SNMPTN pathway June 30, 2011.

SNMPTN test track has a quota of 40 percent or about 1,000 new students. While the rest, 40 percent longer to be allotted to applicants through independent pathways. Registration is done with the online system, similar to the pathway invitation. This system has been in effect since two years ago.

Previous registration is done on site. Now prospective students do not need to come to campus Unja to register. Students who have difficulty in registering, can be directly to the Secretariat PMB Unja at the Hall of Areca Cook, campus Unja, Mendalo, Jambi to register.

"We also provide the facility to register. Last year we provide six units of computers online so prospective students can do the registration. It may be more or less the same. So kalu difficulty, can contact Unja," said Ilham said, adding, it is ready to help and to receive complaints related to Online SNMPTN registration.


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