Directorate General of Higher Education (Directorate General of Higher Education) Ministry of National Education has recently released a list of 50 colleges that promise, or 50 Promising Indonesian Universities. From that list, there are 28 public universities (PTN) and 22 private colleges (PTS). One is the State University of Padang

State University of Padang (UNP) is the result of conversion IKIP Padang to the university, which was originally named College Teacher Education (PTPG). Since established on 1 September 1954, the UNP has undergone many changes. In the history of its development, the changes the changes that occur include not only the name and place of his position, but also the status and educational programs are developed, in accordance with the policy to meet the demands of the development of education in the country.

Results Seleksi SNMPTN Jalur Undangan/Bidik Misi Tahun 2011

Announcement of selection results SNMPTN Invitation Line / Shutter Mission in 2011 for students who choose courses at State University of Padang please click on the page SNMPTN UNP Path Invitation

For students who passed required to re-register in accordance with the Terms and Procedure Admission Prospective Students New Path SNMPTN Invitation

Contact Address:

1. Call Center SNMPTN 2011: 0804-1-450-450
2. Helpdesk SNMPTN 2011: http://halo.snmptn.ac.id


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