With this announced that based on the results of SNMPTN Path Selection Invitation of 2011 then test participants whose names are listed in the above list is passed as an academic, is concerned will be accepted as a candidate if the graduate student at the National Examination SMA / MA or vocational school in 2011.

Expected to participants who pass the selection test must re-register / register WITHOUT represented on 31 May to 1 June 2011 at the University of Sam Ratulangi BAAK at 08:00 to 15:00 AM. For those who do not register (Register) disqualified as prospective students from the Gaza SNMPTN Invitation 2011.

To the applicants should comply / bring the following administrative requirements:

1. Participants SNMPTN Invitation Card Line in 2011;
2. Copy of report cards Semester 1 s / d 6 semesters which have been legalized;
3. Copy of legalized ljazah School (1 double);
4. Copy of Family Card / Letter of the Population of Village Chief (1 double);
5. Payment of electricity bill last 2 months;
6. File blue background color photograph size 3x4 cm;
7. Pay a development contribution of the University, tuition, etc. click here;
8. For participants who received the study program: Pend. Doctor, Pend. Dentistry, Nursing, Architecture must submit a certificate free colorblind from a specialist.

For Tuition Assistance Recipients Prospective Mission Shutter expected attention to the following:

1. In addition to mandatory re-enroll at the University of Sam Ratulangi BAAK;
2. Completing the Program Requirements Manual Shutter Shutter accordance Mission Mission in 2011. http://bidikmisi.dikti.go.id;
3. Take the candidate receiving the least acceptable Mission will be announced later because it is still in the process of selection & verification.


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