Third-grade high school students' attention is now focused on equal opportunities signed State University (PTN). Because of intense competition generally worry about not getting a chance at the state university college in question. Therefore, some even subordinated the National Exam.

"Today is the mind we are not the UN, but SNMPTN. Problem is more to the implementation of the UN while SNMPTN more to the basic sciences. If successful SNMPTN, we sure can cope with the UN, "said Nadia, one of SMAN 18 Palembang recently. Nadia is one of the students who elect and enroll through the invitation. But he was not sure he could pass considering the number of rivals. Therefore, various efforts such as tutoring, counseling is always done after school. All this to prepare for exams through the Exam Write SNMPTN.

"Quotas invitation provided a little while the list could be thousands. Honestly I am pessimistic, and chose to prepare a written test with a mature, "said Nadia who wish to study at the Faculty of Medicine Unsri.

The same thing is said to Agnes, SMAN 10 Palembang. In general, information about SNMPTN he had received, either through the Internet or from the school. Currently her focus to prepare for the test track though it was registered through the invitation. The reason was not much different. He is also pessimistic path can pass the invitation, because many will sign up.

"Just imagine that accepted only 800's. While the list could be more than a thousand. Not to mention those that include acceleration and superior-grade students, they can not list all, "he said.

Pessimism number of students, may be understandable. Because the limitations of the available quota will certainly happen pretty tight competition. But it does not really affect the commitment of parents to their children menguliahkan on PTN choice.

As Agusminsyah, one of the guardians of students SMN 10 are fully devolved to the results of his study. That is, he tried to objectively assess the wishes of her children. If it does pass the appropriate options and capabilities, it is expected. But if on the contrary, there are many other places that can be received.

"The school children, and they can measure their own willingness and ability. We parents just drive and meet all his needs, "he said.

Two Line Registration SNMPTN National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) This year was little changed. If last year's registration is available on many routes, this time only two pathways, namely through the invitation and Exam Write SNMPTN.

Pathway invitation is given the opportunity to state universities to enroll students school choice. While the path taken by following the Exam Write a written test as usual.

I Purek Sriwijaya University, Prof Dr Zulkifli Dahlan explained, registration invitation pathway SNMPTN opened 1 February to 13 March, and the announcement made May 18 the next. For this pathway available quota 861 people including 400 Mission Aim program.

"Registration is done through online and so far has been more than four hundred students who register. We still wait until the deadline, "said Zulkifli, Sunday (27 / 2).

It is said, the mechanism SNMPTN enrollment this year is slightly different from last year. Through a special invitation, the principal is authorized to select and administer and enroll students who are considered eligible. Students who are not selected can still follow SNMPTN through a written exam.

"That way students opportunities to large state universities," he said.

Further explained, a school with a regular accreditation must enroll 50 percent of the students.

While only 20 percent accreditation B, C accreditation as much as 10 percent and 75 seed RSBI and a message. Special schools with accelerated classes may register all of their students.

"We will watch this system carefully. Schools that proved to perform data manipulation students will get the sanctions do not register all students for three years, "said Zulkifli, adding, that cheating can be known when students submit the data as it arrives.

Mentioned about the socialization, stated that he has sought throughout the area (county / city) in South Sumatra through the application letter.

"Socialization of course be the most important part of this program. We do everything possible to avoid mistakes in receiving information related to this SNMPTN, "he said.

Added, not all students who enroll through the invitation will be accepted. For if the number of applicants exceeds the available quota, the selection would be held according to rank.

For those who do not pass, can be tried through the Exam Write SNMPTN that registration will open from 2 to 24 May next. Exam will be held May 31 2011-1 June 2011 and for the skills of 3 to 4 June 2011. While the results will be announced on June 30, 2011.

Besides it can take two paths, the equivalent of high school graduates can also be sought through the entrance examination (USM). "Registration USM is scheduled to begin open 21 June to 9 July 2011, and tests conducted 11 to 12 July next. The result, will be announced July 16, 2011, "he added.

University of Srivijaya (Unsri) ready to accept 6529 new students this year. This number is slightly increased compared to last year that only 6476 people.

Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Dahlan explained, details of new admissions quotas will consist of lines entering State College Selection (SMPTN) as many as 3010 people. While others, Search Request Achievement (PMP) 510 people, the Regional Partnership Scholarship Program (PBKD) 99 people, 400 people Shutter Mission and Test Sieve Login (USM) 2529 people.

"It's all according to the instructions nasinonal, provided 60 percent of revenues through the national system and 40 percent local," he explained.

Further described, for PMPA registration is done through an invitation system that starts from 1 February to 12 March next. This invitation applies to schools located territory and has fulfilled keriteria Sumbagsel, as has already been accredited.

"Small possibility of an invitation addressed to the new school opened. We also consider the quality of graduates," he explained.

SMPTN related to the implementation, he added, this year's registration begins on May 2 to 24 While the written exam will be held May 31-June 1 and test peraktik skills on 3-4 June.
"After SNMPTN completed, the new implementation of the USM," he said.

The number of students required: 6529 people

Path Acceptance:

* SNMPTN 3010 people
* USM 2529 people
* PMP 510 people
* Shutter Mission 400 people
* PBKD 99 people

Registration SNMPTN time: 2-24 May 2011
SNMPTN Written Exam: May 31-June 1, 2011
Practice Tests: 3-4 June 2011


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