This is a warning for high school graduates who want to enroll through the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) this year. Never repeat the mistakes as last year with a carelessly upload (upload) photos when registering via online.

If this is still being done, then those who upload a photo of himself with a variety of styles will be immediately disqualified. SNMPTN committee will not tolerate this for a nosy registries.

"The committee will immediately disqualify such applicants. This clearly violates the rules and regulations include a photo as a requirement to register, "explained Imam Santoso, ICT Coordinator and Registration Section of the Local Organizing Committee SNMPTN (Panlok) 50 Jakarta, Tuesday (3 / 5).

It said, re-conveyed this warning because there are many potential applicants who do just that. Panlok 50 Surabaya, which oversees the five state universities in East Java-Unair, ITS, Unesa, IAIN Sunan Ampel, and Madura-Trunojoyo University does not want to mess around with uploading photos with fancy pose.

"We recommend that you do have to be considered for all prospective registrants SNMPTN. This is not a facebook arena or play the game. Please look at the photos suggested provisions in the rules, "pleaded the Imam.

As applicable, applicants who will follow SNMPTN this year must include a picture of yourself. Terms of photos of them, the position of the head upright and parallel to the body. Eyes facing the camera and the upper limbs appeared intact, especially the two ears.

Imam said, the experience SNMPTN Panlok 50 years ago in Surabaya showed, there are a thousand more registrants to upload photos with different poses. In addition to ala facebook style, there is also a berpoto with the car. There also are filling their photos with cartoon characters or other figures.

Consequently, when at the end of the closing of registration, they were asked to fix the photo again. Many applicants who come to Surabaya only Panlok specifically to improve the image that violates this rule.

Mentioned, this year, enrollment SNMPTN still use the online system. The applicants requested more careful when entering the data and uses the internet as appropriate. For, if the upload of data is not precise, assured the participants will meet with failure to register.

"For example, data ID number, must be in accordance with the submitted to Bank Mandiri. Writing there are two kinds of ID card numbers. Namely, using a point and no. Applicants must adjust to the numbers already given when purchasing a PIN (personal identification number) in the bank before, "he explained.

It also reminded, if the registrant when entering data and then hesitate and just came out without pressing the 'exit', then the applicant will have difficulty accessing the online SNMPTN again. As a result, every time would access the site will SNMPTN out warning 'Not Allow Login'.

To overcome this, applicants should click the 'exit' if in doubt to continue the online registration. If the exit is not as applicable, applicants should first close all browsers before trying to return the system from scratch to register online.

For applicants who are still feeling giddy and need more information, visit the committee recommends that the help desk that has been stationed at several state universities.

To remind again, this year SNMPTN registration opened May 2 to 24 December 2 - 10 is the registration period for graduates of 2009 and 2010. Furthermore, this 2011 graduate of force. Registration closed at 24.00.

Meanwhile, the second day of online registration SNMPTN in Surabaya yesterday Panlok relatively smoothly. Recorded was 1102 who enroll. Certainly they are the graduates of the two previous generation.

Medical Education Unair certain to remain a bone of contention. Mirror last year, capacity is only 150 contested seats up to 3020 people are interested. In addition, majoring in Economics with a capacity of 2005 invaded 210 enthusiasts. Are also much in demand is expected to Sharia Economy. Some state universities are also even open majors this as a new department.

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