Public universities (PTN) from Malang began ogled learners and become a competitor for a number of prestigious state universities in Indonesia. At least, statistical records derived from data SNMPTN site online as of 23 May, demonstrate this.

UB (UB), for example, up to yesterday's first choice made by the registrant SNMPTN 7011 in Indonesia. This amount is more than the legendary range of campus University of Indonesia (UI), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), University Press, or the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) though.

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Records made by the ICT coordinator committee SNMPTN Malang, Johanis Rampisela shows, UI be the first choice by 6880, UGM 5537, while the ITB even just 5280. "But this figure could change, because new registrations close on 31 May," claims Johanis, Monday (24 / 5).

While applicants who place the State University of Malang (UM) in the first option too much, that as many as 4383 people. Although not as much as UB, the number is still better than the ITS, which 'only' entered by the registrar in 3786's first choice.

Interestingly, when viewed from the first option, PTN-PTN outside Java, actually enthused crowd. Call it Hasanudin University of Makassar, which was chosen over 14,000 people, or the University of Riau, which selected 10 000 registrants. Campus on the island of Java, the most widely selected in the first option, according to calculations Johanis, March 11th is the University of Surakarta.

The tendency to choose state universities outside of Java actually has a long though not in bulk. This is caused more by the notion that universities in Java is more strict in the competition. Instead PTN outside Java provides a great opportunity for prospective students from Java whose value is mediocre.

Meanwhile, Islamic University, UIN Malang 'only' is selected by the 273 registrants at their first choice. Although seen very little, but the amount is relatively good for the size of the Islamic University.

This number is located there under the Sultan Sharif Riau UIN, UIN Jakarta, Yogyakarta and UIN Sunan Kalijaga.

Johanis also said, though registration is still ongoing, there is a tendency enthusiasts SNMPTN dropped dramatically compared to last year. Johanis calculation is based on the number of applicants who purchase the exam until yesterday are still as many as 11,552 people.

The number is far registrants than last year, which as many as 20,278 people. "Although registration is closed next week, but the remaining four effective days only. The reason is, we have long weekend red dates, so enrollment will be off for three days, "said Johanis.

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