Since early morning, the campus ITS enlivened thousands of people, both of which many diploma 2011, 2010, and 2009. They all come to campus ITS to follow the path SNMPTN written exam. There are participants who accompanied her parents, some are his own.

Almost all the rooms on the campus of ITS is used to SNMPTN written. "Only the Electronic State Polytechnic campus Surabaya (PENS) is not used because the condition does not allow class to be used as a test," said Dr. Ing. Ir. Bambang Soemardiono as Executive Coordinator for IPA SNMPTN 2011.

Participants must already exist in the room at 07.30 for registration. At 08.00, SNMPTN starts and 75 participants ate about Academic Potential Test (TPA). After that 45-minute break starting at 09.00 and continued with the test Basic Field of Study (TBSD) Basic Mathematics ie, Indonesian, and English.

As in previous years, this year the organizers using the online registration system. However, the new 2011 SNMPTN of implementation is the separation of the room to force Veterans (2009 and 2010, red) with a new generation of graduates (2011). "This is to avoid perjokian," said the man who is also Lecturer Department of Architecture, ITS.

Previously, the committee SNMPTN 2011 also appealed through the website in order to view the location tidaklupa SNMPTN 2011 written test on Monday (30 / 5) ago. Furthermore, Bambang said that so far there are no reports of fraud. But there are few barriers in the writing of news events. Old writing system is written now become computerized.

In addition to the ITS, written SNMPTN also held on the campus ITS 3 Diploma in Manyar. Several other campuses in Surabaya, like Unitomo, ITATS, Unipra, Hangtuah University, and University August 17 also gets a place of this test. In addition, some high school (SMA) in Surabaya.

Meanwhile, Durrotul Fakhiroh, one participant who tests at the Department of Industrial Product Design room L-308 revealed, "Time to work on the landfill is very less. As a result, some questions unanswered," said the head-scarf girls who come from Lamongan.

The same thing also disclosed Sony Arifianto of SMAN 4 Tuban, "Implementation going well. But the test was tricky. Readings in Indonesian and English are also long, waktunyakurang. In this matter there is no picture landfill. Only logical, numerical, and verbal, "said participant who wants to lecture at the Department of Civil Engineering ITS.

Next Tuesday (1 / 6), participants will take a written test Tests Predictive Field of Study (tbsp) consisting of Test Field of Study Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) or IPS Test Field of Study (Sociology, History, Geography, and Economics). Furthermore, ITS will also hold a Skills Test Industrial Product Design Department on Friday (3 / 5) and lasted for the next two days.

Department of Transportation ITS Open Sea

Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya opened a new department that is majoring in marine transportation starting a new school year.

"Previously only a field of study, but starting this year we opened a new department through SNMPTN 2011," said Rector Prof. ITS Triyogi Yuwono in Jakarta, Saturday (21/05/2011).

He explained that the new department was opened, as Indonesia was time to arrange the sea transport.

"The majority of our territory is the sea, but we have only to think of land transportation, sea transportation and even had we manage the land with the idea of ​​building bridges," he said.

In fact, he says, there are still many parts of Indonesia are not easily accessible with the thought, so many of the islands are left behind.

"Therefore, we must realize our country is an archipelago that is connected with the sea, so we must think of sea transport for progress together," he said.

Therefore, he said, ITS would like to contribute by opening up a new department of transportation ie sea that had been prepared in stages through a field of study.

"For starters, we will receive an 50-student of SNMPTN 2011. That new department in the Faculty of Marine Technology, "he said.

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