Four courses (Prodi) recently at the University of Airlangga (Unair) raided prospective students. Prodi was midwifery education, information systems, environmental technology teknobiomedik and science.

Based on data from Unair, for existing obstetrics 803 registrants. They will compete for 30 seats. Then Prodi registrants information systems 784 people with a ceiling of 24 seats.

In addition teknobiomedik Prodi and environmental technology enthusiasts Science 332 people and 276 people registries. Though pagunya 24 seats respectively. "This number will grow towards the close of registration, May 25," explained Prof. Imam Mustafa, Public Relations Coordinator Panlok 50 Jakarta, Sunday (22 / 5).

Four new Prodi was actually already in Unair. But this year was opened through a national selection pathway into public universities (SNMPTN). "Previously special independent pathways," says Achmad Syahrani Prof., Vice-Chancellor I.

Unair addition, several state universities in East Java also opens a new study program for SNMPTN this year.

ITS provides two new Prodi, the design of industrial products and marine transportation. Each with a ceiling of 52 and 25 seats. The new majors can also be found in the University Trunojoyo, Madura. Namely S1 elementary teacher education, business law and economics Islamic sharia. Each with a ceiling of 42, 16, and 16 seats.

While Unesa opened two new Prodi namely S1 civil engineering with a ceiling of 18 seats and S1 Mandarin language education as much as 50 seats. To initiate the seriousness of this foreign language study program, Unesa been holding the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in Surabaya founded the Center for Chinese Culture and Language. "We've assisted USD 1.4 billion to put up a building in the former Chinese Culture SGO building (next to SMAN 4)," explained Prof. Muchlas Samani, Rector Unesa.

Meanwhile, interest in medicine until yesterday had 2631 registrants with a translucent ceiling 150. 969 dentists with a ceiling of 102, and pharmacy was raided by 144 ceiling 1204 applicants. While that demand little social anthropological study program with 130 applicants fighting 45 seats. His new science of history enthusiasts with a ceiling of 151 people 60 seats.

New Prodi


* Midwifery
* Information Systems
* Teknobiomedik
* Environmental Technology


* Industrial Product Design
* Sea Transportation


* Civil Engineering
* Mandarin

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