Lecture at public universities (PTN) apparently is still a lot of people impinan. Just look at the number of prospective students who apply through the Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN) through the local organizing committee (Panlok) 50 Surabaya. Until Wednesday (25 / 5) afternoon, the number of applicants has exceeded 36,173.

The number is expected to continue to grow because of new registrations closed on Wednesday (25 / 5), at 24.00 pm. As in previous years, departments are still a favorite target of many participants. Unair Medical Education Study Program, for example, remains a major favorite. Until Wednesday afternoon, the number of applicants who invade this study program through the numbers competing for 150 seats 3298. That is, if you want to be accepted at the Medical Unair, participants must beat at least 22 other participants.

"From year to year, trends in the study program of Medical Education has always been most interested Unair. The more years but did not actually decreased demand continues to increase. That is, competition is getting tougher, "said Chairman Panlok 50 Surabaya, Prof. Ahmad Syahrani, Wednesday (25 / 5).

Some other Prodi is equally tight. Applicants majoring in Psychology, for example, through 1471 competing for 120 seats. That is, to be accepted in Psychology Unair must beat at least 13 other participants. Last year, applicants in this study program reached 1251. A number of other Prodi as Dentistry, Law, Pharmacy, Accounting, and Public Health is also much demand. Competition average of 1: 12. Conversely, there are also some Prodi from year to year demand continues to decline.

Among other things, Social Anthropology, Science, History, Physics, Literature Indonesia, and Aquaculture. Although relatively less desirable, but not until the minus participants. For example, for Prodi History, with a ceiling of 60, registrants reaches 215. So also with a ceiling of Physics 54, 182 registrants. "But not because of a special department of Physics is not strict. Physics tends to be difficult so natural that not many are interested. Lectures will also relatively difficult, "said Imam Siswanto, IT Coordinator Panlok 50.

Not much different from Surabaya, who became the favorite choice of the participants in Malang also Medicine, followed by Communication Studies, International Relations, and Accounting. This happened at UB (UB). While in UIN Maliki, the most popular is majoring Tarbiyah, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, and English. While at the State University of Malang (UM) is a Primary School Teacher Education (PGSD), Information Technology (IT) as well as English.

From the data obtained up to yesterday afternoon, registrants who entered via the written examination in the city of Malang, has exceeded the target, or nearly 23,300 participants. According to the Head of Academic Administration and Student Affairs (BAAK) UB (UB) Malang, Welmin Silent Ariningsih, registrars of IPA group was composed of as many as 9004 people, the IPS as many as 9113 people and as many as 5137 people IPC group.

While the University of Jember through online registries until Wednesday afternoon, there were 7865 students. The details, the 2986 science students, as many as 2483 IPS students, and the IPC as many as 2396 students. "The number of participants who register SNMPTN this year more than in 2010 which only reached 7666 students. Predicted the number of applicants this year could reach 8 thousand participants, "said Rochani, Head of Public Relations and Protocol Unej.

Vice Rector III Unej, Prof. Agus Subekti said, freshmen quota of SNMPTN 2011 written test track as many as 1960 students. Therefore, applicants must compete rigorous college Unej fight over it.

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