National selection participants enter public universities (SNMPTN) from the path of a written test in Central Java and Yogyakarta, it turns out most choose GMU as a first priority. The amount is 49 298 participants of written examination.

Information obtained from the Coordinating Committee SNMPTN Central Java-Yogyakarta, UNS ranked second was chosen as many as 39,645 voters, 35,460 voters then UN Yogyakarta, UNDIP 33 185 participants, 29 119 participants UNNES Semarang, UNSOED Navan last 15,205 voters and voters UIN Yogyakarta 4433.

"Prediction, because this year's UGM focuses admission SNMPTN invitation only from the lane and a written test, then this is very influential. For a special entrance exam that was held prior to the implementation of SNMPTN like last year, eliminated," says Prof. Ravik Karsidi, coordinator SNMPTN Central Java-DIY.

With the removal of UM UGM, then the number of students who will be accepted via the written test will be larger than with other universities. UNS itself only accepts 3200 students pass a written test, and still has one more revenue through independent pathways that will be open starting June 23 next.

Meanwhile, Semarang Unnes prospective students who receive an invitation via the SNMPTN ever this year, also still get a big enough peilih. This is because the college promotion and recognition to schools in 40 districts in Java and outside Java.

"UNS although relatively few invitations as many as 16,398 applicants pathway participants. This is because the promotion is only in 10 districts in Central Java and East Java alone. It also will be a materials evaluation," said Ravik who is also rector of UNS.

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