UNY still take seriously the self-organizing selection because we still provide an opportunity for those who have not received SNMPTN, besides UNY Prodi also requires some special skills such as sports, art, and so forth, that if we provide the opportunity via the invitation lest they do not enter.

As stated by UNY Rector, Prof. Dr. MPd Rochmat Wahab MA, at a press conference socialization SNMPTN in 2011, organized by Panlok SNMPTN Yogyakarta, in UNY. Present on the occasion besides UNY Rector, Rector of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Prof. Dr. H. Musa Ash'ari, Panlok Chairman Prof Dr Apt Nurfina Aznam SU (UNY), Dr. Ir Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto DEA (UGM), Prof Dr H Siswanto Masruri MA (UIN ) and public relations of the three universities.

Further said, lately there are modifications to the new developments regarding the number of students who can be registered via the invitation based on the accreditation of schools and type of class. For schools that may enroll students via the invitation, acquired allotments should not be taken of all, if a small chance that the received passing lane was indeed a bit. Meanwhile, for schools that have not been accredited can still register SNMPTN via the written exam.

Chairman Prof. Panlok Nurfina said, principals are expected to enroll their students honesty in filling out the data on the computer. For schools / principals who are not honest in registering their students will get a punishment that will not be included in SNMPTN for 3 years. With so inevitable losses that are not necessary.

In 2011, the UNY receives about 5109 new students who filtered through the pathway is through invitation SNMPTN accomplishments 690 people, 400 people invited bidikmisi, 1976 the written test. Meanwhile, independent selection pathways for receiving 2043 people.

Meanwhile, the Rector of UIN said, UIN this year will receive about 3,500 candidates for 34 students from seven faculties Prodi S1. Written test will be netted from SNMPTN 40%, 15% invitations, bidikmisi 5%. While the 40% through regular channels 1 and 2 achievements as well as independent pathways and existing SPMBPTN. ''We still need that 40% is due to its special UIN. UIN also accommodate the special boarding schools for religious,''he added.

Budi Prasetyo said the rights granted to the school and suggested that students who get a ticket that does not mean definite invitation is received. This means that each university is entitled to select and have owned factor correction factor for selection. Invitations were allowed to enroll in two colleges and each can choose 3 Prodi. Prodi is expected that selected a really solid. If you only want to choose a study program also allowed.

''The selection there are two stages: first in the college choice of I, so that all colleges that there is a choice I sent them all then selected which ones received. Which is not accepted to college just thrown the second option. The new will be announced simultaneously,''he concluded.

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