A total of 5914 new students in 2011-2012 UNY force today, Wednesday (3 / 8) are following the ceremony and the opening of new admissions Orientation and Introduction to College Studies (ospek), the GOR UNY. Thousands of new students are accepted by invitation pathway SNMPTN mission accomplishment and the viewfinder as well as a written test path, the path selection of Self S1, D3, and cooperation following the

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Apt Nurfina Aznam SU report, details the number of students from SNMPTN and Self Selection pathway for FIP 979 students, FBS (1053), FISE (1218), Natural Science (678), FT (964), FIK (511) so that 5403 the number of people. While students of Continuing Studies (MCC) as much as 511 people.

This year students UNY also receive cooperation from the Government of South Sumatra, West Lombok local government, and local government Karang Asem Bali. In addition, there are still some new students from abroad who attend the program S1 there are 10 people, 14 people short courses, and Dharma Students 24 people. The foreign student from Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, the United States, Bangladesh, China, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Moldova, France, Poland, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Rector Prof. Dr. Rochmat UNY MPd MA Wahab said, to produce graduates who are equally we all aspire, UNY keep trying to do the internalization of religious values ​​and nationhood through academic and non academic activities, either through curricular activities, co-curricular, and extra curricular activities.

''Students are also required to follow new UNY English course that is expected to dijadi equipped to enter the global challenges. Furthermore UNY encourage all students to have leadership skills, because it all Ormawa expected of majors to university level, able to become a medium that can facilitate to practice leadership. Remember, now is a student tumorrow would be a leader,''he said.

Described, with today's global arena, UNY University is committed to the international standard in education. On the one hand, UNY trying to do the benchmarking programs and international education process, on the other hand UNY seek to gointernasional the local advantages, both with regard to culture, art and language to the world community.

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