Ranked tightness entered the University Eleven in March (UNS) decreased in the national selection Surakarta enter public universities (SNMPTN) this year. For science majors IPS rank 9 and rank 5. SNMPTN own results were announced on Thursday (30 / 6) starting at 00.00 early later.

"Compared to last year, to enter into the UNS, majoring in science and social studies ranked sixth ranking fourth nationally. They predicted, because the ITB, UGM, IPB, which had only received a little in SNMPTN, now all netted from here, so natural that prospective students many choose to get there, "said provost UNS, Prof. PhD Sutarno told reporters Wednesday (29 / 6).

Chairman of Local Organizing Committee SNMPTN 44 Solo said, for the IPS rank UNS under UI, UGM, Unpad, and Unair. For IPA, the order of ITB, UI, ITS, IPB, Unair, UGM, UIN Sunan Ampel, Unpad, UNS and USU Medan.

According Sutarno, overall UNS receives 2653 applicants. The details of the 1157 candidates from the 1506 Department of Science and social studies majors. Applicants who choose majors IPS there are 39,645 candidates, and the IPA 22,498 registrants.

"Among the students who received it, who get a scholarship there are 115 children Shutter Mission. But they still will be verified again whether actually from poor families or not. If not, they have to pay the usual," he said.

The total number of scholarship recipients Shutter mission, coupled with an invitation SNMPTN netted from a number of 181 candidates, there are already 296. Therefore there is still a quota of 104 prospective students.

"They will be taken from the Diploma Programme students, or students SNMPTN both pathways invitation and a written test, which was categorized as poor. We're trying to do 400 fixed quotas are met according to the existing requirements," said Sutarno.

Meanwhile, for prospective students who are not accepted through a written test SNMPTN, there are chances accepted at UNS through self-financing. Registration has begun on 15 June to 14 July.

"They live just register online at the website www.spmb.uns.ac.id, and pay the registration fee at the bank that has been appointed. There is no written test again, because we will rank the results of written test SNMPTN."

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