A total of 13 206 new students (camaba) who register with the local organizing committee (panlok) 80 National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) following the written exam on Tuesday (31/05/2011). They guarded the supervisors 1238 and distributed at the 577 room.

"The number of registered camaba panlok SNMPTN at 80 is as many as 13 206 people. They are divided into 577 rooms and will be overseen by supervisors 1238," said the rector of the State University of Makassar (UNM) UNM Rector Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Arismunandar MPd when monitoring the course of a written test.

Prof. Arismunandar accompanied by Chief of the Bureau of Academic UIN Drs Joseph H Muh MPd Rahim and his deans UIN Alauddin monitoring at several locations SNMPTN exams this year.

Monitoring carried out starting from the New Gunungsari UNM campus, after that proceed to Tidung UNM campus, then to the campus I UIN Alauddin Gunungsari and subsequently visited the MAN Model, SMK YPUP and STIEM Bongaya are also used as a test site SNMPTN panlok 80.

In organizing this SNMPTN in 2011, UNM and UIN Alauddin Makassar cooperation plan to recruit new students who joined in panlok 80.

UIN Alauddin Only Accept 850 in the Gaza SNMPTN

State Islamic University (UIN) Alauddin Makassar only accept 850 new students through the Higher Education National Selection (SNMPTN). In the implementation of a written test as of today there are 4423 SNMPTN enthusiasts who choose UIN Alauddin as his choice.

"For SNMPTN pathway, we only set up 850 new student seats," said Kabiro Academic Administration and Student Affairs Yusuf Rahim MPd UIN Alauddin Makassar, Thursday (06/02/2011).

UIN Alauddin became one of the local committee working on the premises Makassar Makassar State University (UNM) ie in Panlok 80. The number of participants to panlok 80 SNMPTN this as much as 13,206 participants.

That is to program people IPA 2192, IPS 3810 people, and IPC 7204 people. They used a 577 room with the number of inspectors as much as 1238 people.

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