Rating two state universities (PTN) in Padang; Unand and UNP increasingly uphill. This is evident from the high interest of high school graduates are equal from all over the country to hunt both on the national selection PTN entered the PTN (SNMPTN) 2011.

Rector Unand Musliar Kasim said, Unand and UNP including PTN favorites in Indonesia. However, Musliar can not give exact data on how many enthusiasts nationwide Unand and UNP.

"That is evidenced by the many participants who choose Unand and the UNP from outside Panlok Padang. The amount is 30 thousand more. So status now, Unand and UNP is no longer a local college, but already in demand nationwide, "said Musliar Kasim told reporters during the first day of the exam monitor SNMPTN in the UNP yesterday.

Participate in the monitoring of the exam was rector UNP Z Mawardi Effendi, and Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (Panlok) 17 Padang Yanuar Kiram. In addition to the UNP, the parties also to the location of the exam in UBH, SMA 2 Padang, SMAN 1 Padang, and STIE AKBP.

PR Panlok, emery Amir said, from the data of participants who bought the pin SNMPTN in Padang just as much as 34 691 33 914 participants who fill out the data themselves online through websites snmptn.ac.id. That is, there are 777 participants who did not register. Emery estimate the participants who did not enroll due to track student has graduated SNMPTN invitation, accepted at another college, or did not pass the national exams.

Assets by Panlok Padang, an increasing number of participants from as many as 6966 people last year 27,725 people.
Current Exams

From the observation yesterday, the first day of implementation of the exam smoothly. "Until now the implementation SNMPTN still running according to plan," said Yanuar Kiram on the sidelines of the review. However, panlok still be waiting for reports from each test site prior to evaluation.

Related cases are widely reported before perjokian SNMPTN, Musliar Kasim ensure all spaces are closed to the cheating. "Problem exams this year unlike previous years," he explained. So is the question that was given to participants who graduated in 2011, distinguished participants who graduated in 2009 and 2010.

To avoid antarpeserta perjokian or cooperation in the exam room, Musliar said the package was made different matter. "Can not there examples, the example here. The risk could be totally wrong, because the question were randomized in the packets, "he explained. However, Musliar claimed not to know for sure how many types of problems for SNMPTN package this year.

Septian Zadi, SMAN 12 participants graduated from Padang to justify the existence of packets of different problems. "The question of the exam is encrypted. I just found out after seeing a friend about next. So should trust their own abilities, "he said.

Septian admitted only do as many as 59 of 75 test questions about the academic potential (TPA) for the exams on the first day, yesterday (31 / 5). "Fear of a lot wrong, yes it's just as much done. Assessment of his plus minus, "he explained.

For SNMPTN assessment, the committee imposed a plus minus system. That is, if the correct one, the participants got four points and if one minus one point.

This monitoring shall be continued on Wednesday (1 / 6), with test sites in Unand, UPI, SMKN 2 Padang, Adabiah SMA, SMP 34 Padang and UNP campus Lubukbuaya II.


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