Applicant selection into public universities nationwide (SNMPTN) in Central Java and Yogyakarta (DIY) exceeded the target. Of the target of 72 000's participants, it turns out that buying a form at the bank reached 80 712 people.

"It's beyond belief. Until this day at 15.00 already enrolled as many as 79,262 people. Registration till 24.00 pm still later, and predictions are all going to sign up," says Prof. MSc PhD Sutarno Drs.

Coordinator of the Local Organizing Committee SNMPTN Central Java-Yogyakarta, said after the registration closes at midnight, the data related to the number of participants will be sent to Semarang for the preparation of the printing problem.

"For the whole matter is printed in Unnes Semarang, and will be distributed on H-3 towards the implementation of a written test on Tuesday (31 / 5) and Wednesday (1 / 6)," he told the Suara Merdeka CyberNews.

He said, Panlok DIY receive at most registrars ie 30,480 people. In this city, served three university enrollment, namely UGM, Yogyakarta State University (UNY) and the State Islamic University (UIN) or IAIN Sunan Kalijaga. Details, IPA 11,874 registrants, registrars IPC IPS there are 13 816 and 5661 people.

"Solo, who served 44 Panlok UNS receives 17,204 from 17,525 registrants who purchase form. The details, applicants majoring in science 8306 people, the IPS 9442 and IPC 6220," he explained.

To Panlok Semarang, from a total of 23,968 registrants, participants SNMPTN IPS for 8306 people, the IPA 9442 and IPC 6220. In this city, and Unnes Undip served registration. Selection Navan served PKA registrant receives the smallest only 7601 people, with details of the IPA 2846, the IPS 3271 and IPC 1756.

College visits, the registrant's most UNS great because even though only one university, but receives more applicants reached 17,000. It is planned that participants will occupy 54 locations.

"Actually we prepared 61 locations with the predictions of registrants reached 21,000 people. But because it was not until, then we cancel seven locations, and the two sectors are only used one or two locations," said Sutarno.

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